PURSE LIGHTS™ micro thin lights that can be quickly and easily adhered to the inside of a purse to provide light for the interior compartment. You switch the lights on and off by tactile feel on the special Tactical Touch® switch. Purse-lights™ not only light up the inside of your purse but can be unstuck and placed on the exterior of your purse or pack to provide emergency flashing in slow or fast strobe modes to keep you safe when walking at night.

Price: 4.99





• Lights up the inside of any purse

• Runtime 200 hours plus

• Modes:  Fast Strobe/Slow Strobe/Steady On/Off

• Heavy Duty Adhesive Back holds tight to any purse

• Move from one purse to another

• Waterproof and Dust Proof



The first press will activate the fast strobe.  The second press will activate slow strobe and the third press activates steady-on mode.  To change the mode or to turn off, continue to press the Power/Mode Selector button to cycle through to the desired modes or to OFF.  Do not attempt to change the battery.


Purse Lights™ adhesive light  have a limited warranty of a period of 30 days or up to 200 hours.  This does not include normal wear or abuse and applies only to the original purchaser.  Proof of purchase is required.  You can contact Brite-Strike® via e-mail at:


or call 1-508-746-8701.

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